Our Team

SEMA is proud to have a team of engineers, managers, and construction personnel dedicated to the transportation infrastructure / railway industry.  Their many years of experience and ability to work as a team ensure the total satisfaction of our customers.  This team includes;

President and General Director: Rock Morel

Vice-President SEMA Railway Structures and Groupe SEMA: Doug Webb, P.Eng.

Human Resources Director: Erick Labrie

Vice-President- Operations: Guy Lepage, ing

Vice-President, Finance: François Tremblay, cpa-cma

Team Coordinator: Marie-Line Poirier

Project Managers: Denis-Marc Bujold, ing. / P. Eng  –  Daniel Charest ing. / P. Eng  –  Félix-Olivier Fortin ing. Jr / EIT

 Project Manager’s Assistant: Stéphane Gagnon

Garage and Fabrication Plant Manager: Éric Bérubé

Safety Coordinator: Hélène Dick

Yard Man: Joël Côté

Foremen: Sylvain Delarosbil, Rénald Caron, Michel Gagné, Sébastien Morel, Steve Deroy, Ron Allard, Dennis Astle, James Galinski, Jean-Philippe Poirier and Éric Dufour

Controller of Finances: Guylaine Dioron

Administrative Assistants: Isabelle Lepage and Brooke Bishop