Rock Morel is the founder and president of SEMA. Rock began his career at Canadian National Railways where he worked in its Bridges and Structures group for 17 years prior to founding SEMA.

SEMA was born out of the desire of the Class One railways to rationalize their operations in the mid 1990’s by selling off various branch lines to independent operators (Short Lines). At the time, these short line railways did not have the internal resources to properly manage their bridge plant. Rock Morel envisioned SEMA as an organization set up to provide turn key bridge management services (Inspection, Engineering, Construction, Maintenance) to the railway industry in Canada.

SEMA began operations in eastern Canada in 1996 in Quebec, New Brunswick, and eastern Ontario by providing bridge inspection and maintenance services to short line railway operators. Success in those areas allowed SEMA to grow and expand over time to include the various operating companies and to provide services from coast to coast in Canada.

SEMA now specializes in railway infrastructure planning, engineering, and construction and as such SEMA is well acquainted the specialized requirements of working for and around both heavy and transit railways. SEMA has grown from its humble beginnings through hard work, skill, and professionalism to over ninety full time transportation infrastructure personnel and has carried out work in virtually every province (and one territory) in Canada and has supplied specialty equipment and materials to clients in the United States.